Life is about change. The seasons, which are forever changing, make that abundantly clear, but every so often we discover something new about ourselves as well.

Experiences on hiking and replacing special footwear with minimal shoes.

Doing more sports is the way to go for an overall sense of well-being? Katy Bowman is a firm believer that it's not that simple.

Wildling Shoes set out with its main goal being to create a positive impact. These sentiments inspired the creation of a team which aims to use smaller and larger-scale projects to move the needle.

Freedom, independence and flexibility is key to Wildling's new work approach. Its currently over 200 employees get to work goal- and vision-oriented from their own homes.

Working and producing sustainably is a huge topic within itself. Sustainable materials and producing under fair conditions with short delivery routs is just the beginning.

Slow and sustainable fashion with production under fair circumstances at Wildling Shoes means not having everything in stock at all times.

Some of the best-loved Wildling models are made from paper. The washi material is not only robust and breathable, it als has many other benefits.

Wildling Shoes has been producing very special winter shoes for a few years now. Some tips on how to care for minimal shoes made from wool.

The gap in the outsole not only makes Wildling shoes stand out visually, but also makes them extremely flexible. It ensures that our shoes adjust perfectly to our feet and the terrain underfoot.

The special shape of the Wildling sole is clearly different from the sole of any other shoe. Why is there a gap in the sole?

Wildling minimal shoes aren't just nice to look at and lightweight, they can also be a good choice for your foot health.

A lot of wear and humid conditions can make the smell of a Wildling shoe unappealing. Tips and tricks to combat the odor.

Minimal shoes are becoming more and more popular. They are able to improve your posture in the long term and can even ease pain.


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