A child wearing denim dungarees and a white T-shirt, holds a rolled-up pair of Wildling Minimal shoes with both hands. Head and legs are not in the picture.

Hello again! Wildling Shoes Refoxed

"Haven't we met before?“ Sometimes people or situations seem inexplicably familiar. It's a similar story for long-time Wildling Shoes wearers with the current Wildling Shoes Refoxed models – with the minor distinction that we have actually seen the materials in this way or in a slightly modified guise before.

The new Refoxed models revive leftover materials that were lying dormant in the Wildling Shoes warehouse. Long-time Wildling Shoes wearers may still remember previous models. Now there is a reunion, because the new models Biber Refoxed, Sábio Refoxed, and Flora Refoxed, as well as the I-Wild Refoxed, and Holunder Refoxed, exclusively launched in Toddler sizes, give the remaining fabrics a second life.

A child in Wildling minimal shoes and green sweater against a dark brown background.

Holunder Refoxed, photo: Cindy Winterfeldt | Wildling Shoes


Why are materials reused in new models?

At the beginning of every Wildling shoe there is a design, which is linked to considerations about the choice of materials and colors. Before a shoe is ultimately put into production, an estimate is made in advance to determine how much of the chosen material will be required. And then things get started. Still, we don’t immediately produce everything at once because that might mean that at the end of the season we end up with a bunch of leftover shoes that didn’t sell, and they’d just take up space in the warehouse instead and thus waste resources.

The foot of a toddler in a Wildling minimal shoe, about up to the calf in the picture, on a wooden stair step.

I-Wild Refoxed, photo: Cindy Winterfeldt | Wildling Shoes


To avoid this, we adjust production in the course of the season to match demand. Of course, that only works for as long as there is still material on hand. Once it is used up, the model is usually sold out.

On the other hand, it can happen that as the season progresses, we start to realize that the number of shoes produced is just right. Then production for that particular model is stopped, even if there is still enough material on the shelves to make more shoes.

A child sitting on wooden planks with legs outstretched, one foot stretched, the other put on, so that both the rust red patterned upper and the light-colored sole of the Wildling Minimal shoe model the child is wearing can be seen.

Flora Refoxed, photo: Cindy Winterfeldt | Wildling Shoes


Material treasures and Essentials

Of course, simply throwing the fabrics away is completely out of the question for Wildling Shoes. What a waste of valuable resources that would be! So instead, they’re being stored – because fabric panels take up far less space than finished shoes. And then it may very well be that one day these fabrics will reappear in the Wildling Shoes shop as new models.

A bright, empty storage room where a child in shorts and Wildling minimal shoes jumps from left to right with his hair flying.

Biber Refoxed, photo: Nora Tabel | Wildling Shoes

As the existing material treasures are utilized and used up for the Refoxed models, the number of pieces is limited. Those who are flirting with a Refoxed model are therefore well advised to decide quickly, before they are sold out in the required shoe size. Their counterparts are the Wildling Shoes Essentials: These models are available all year round. 

Cover image: Biber Refoxed, photo: Nora Tabel | Wildling Shoes