Close-up: Two feet in grey Wildling shoes standing on a tree stump. Yellow flowers at the edge of the picture.

Hello again! Wildling Shoes Refoxed

Refoxed models make it possible for leftover materials stored in the Wildling Shoes warehouse to be revived. In yet another step along the path to doing business in a regenerative way, for these models we use fabrics that weren’t used up for earlier models.

Some of us may remember those earlier models. Refoxed models such as Siebenschläfer Refoxed and Heide Refoxed give us the chance to have a reunion with the look of our former favorites.

Why are materials reused in new models?

When a new Wildling Shoes model is being created, a lot of thought goes into its design and function, along with choosing the right materials. An estimate is needed before a shoe goes into production about how many of these shoes should be made and how much material will be needed to do that. The materials are ordered far in advance so the fabrics can be woven in good time for the production run.

Then the actual production of the shoes kicks off. But not all of the shoes for a particular model are manufactured immediately. This allows us to adapt the number of shoes we order to the volume of actual orders. Otherwise, a whole bunch of shoes could be left languishing in the warehouse for a long time, and that would be a waste of resources.

To prevent this, the production is aligned with the quantity that’s actually required. And of course, that’s only possible for as long as we still have material available. Once it’s used up, that particular shoe model is generally sold out.

Close-up: A hand holding a pair of Heide Refoxed; the heel side is turned towards the camera; the background is blurred

Heide Refoxed. Image: @cindywinterfeldt

But it can also become clear that the number of shoes that’s already been produced is right on target. Then production for that model stops, even if there’s still enough material on the warehouse shelves for more shoes.

Material treasures

In the interest of conserving resources, it’s a matter of course for Wildling Shoes that we don’t simply throw leftover fabric away. Instead, we hang onto it, because storing remaining fabric is far more space-saving than storing finished shoes.
Then at some point it can be a good thing for these fabrics to reappear in the Wildling Shop again in new Refoxed models. And because Refoxed models are made using up the rest of these material treasures we already have on hand, Refoxed shoes are always limited editions.

So anyone fancying a Refoxed model is well advised to decide quickly before their size is sold out. Our Wildling Essentials represent the corresponding counterpart to this, because they’re available year round.

Cover image: Siebenschläfer Refoxed@about.little.j