Cozy slipper

With Lotus, the first slipper joins the Wildling Shoes range. At last! Because this fulfills a long-cherished wish of the Wildling Shoes community. And just in time when the temperatures drop outside and the need for cozy warmth increases.

This is not a circular product.

…yet. Lotus is designed for longevity as well as for its reentry into the product cycle in the future. The design with only three main components, wool, thread and sole, makes it possible to separate them by type later – an indispensable prerequisite for getting closer and closer to our goal: complete recycling.

Wildling Shoes has embarked on a journey and will work on developing the necessary techniques and collection facilities to recycle models such as Lotus as completely as possible, when they have one day – very likely many years down the road – reached the end of their wearability.

Even though we are still on the way, Lotus lays the groundwork to achieve this vision one day.

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Coziness and circularity, craft tradition and forward thinking, minimalism, and sophistication – there is much more to the Lotus model than its puristic appearance suggests.

Photos: Nora Tabel | Wildling Shoes
Illustrations: Johanna Balzer | Wildling Shoes