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The Wildling Shoes community’s longstanding wish for a slipper finally came true a few months back with the Lotus model. Now the Lotus is joined by a new companion, the Nelus. These two Wildling shoes have a lot in common, and with its low cut design, Nelus makes it even easier to slip our feet right inside. 

Shoes with tradition

During the Lotus development phase, we got to know and truly appreciate the tradition permeating the Finnish shoemaking workshop Lahtiset. There, thanks to owner Jukka and his team, Lotus gets its very special shape. This tradition-rich, family-run operation in Finland brings many things together that naturally should go together in creating a shoe that is both minimalistic and inspired by nature.

Working together with the Wildling community

The cozy Lotus was warmly received by the Wildling Shoes community. At the same time, there were calls for a version with a lower shaft to make it easier to slip into the shoes. We communicated with the community and the team in Finland, resulting in the recommendation and creation of a limited number of a low cut version. Nelus has all the benefits of its predecessor Lotus and is helping bring more wintertime coziness to more feet.


Traditional handcrafting artisanship has always focused on regenerative materials and working methods. Raw materials are treated with appreciation, always with the aim of using and reusing as much of what they offer as possible to avoid wasting both resources and labor.

The family business Lahtiset uses great handcrafting skills in making Lotus and Nelus. Owner Jukka and his team, with their know-how and enthusiasm for the traditional, have managed to preserve these traditional working methods for decades. For more than 100 years, the company has been producing felt shoes in the old fashioned Finnish way.

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Coziness, handcrafting tradition and minimalism – Much more goes into the mid cut Lotus slipper and its low cut counterpart Nelus than even its purist look suggests.

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Cover image: Maria Gedo @marigedo
Fotos: Maria Mäbert | Wildling Shoes