Aerial view: a wide, green, hilly landscape crossed by a winding river.

Re:generation – for our health and our planet

How would it feel if we could stop the world for a brief moment to regain our strength and let the regenerative surroundings of the Bulgarian Rhodope Mountains set us at ease? Re:generative Sounds, a digital sound creation, is Wildling's way of creating such a possibility. Regeneration is the key to nature and our own physical and mental health.


We want a future that is worth living for and for this we rely on regeneration. For the Wildling Shoes team, regeneration means dedicating ourselves to the essentials, being in harmony with nature and focusing on the cycle of life. When our environment is given the chance to regenerate, we invariably benefit from it too.

But there is so much more to regeneration. Regeneration also means dedicating oneself to one's own inner self. Our body demands rest – especially after stress. Stresses, including mental stresses, that we feel almost every day.

In a world full of crises and challenges, it is often difficult to think of our own needs. Constant change accompanies us through our everyday lives. However, regeneration is essential – particularly when it comes to our own mental health. Especially in times of stress and excessive demands, it is the key to our physical and mental well-being. But what does regeneration mean for our body and how can we integrate it into our everyday life?

In the foreground a herd of goats with their shepherd on a green meadow; in the background trees and low houses.

Image: Ivo Danchev

Re:generation is essential

Regeneration describes our body's ability to recover and restore its own functionality. This includes both the reduction of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol and the physical regeneration of cells and tissue. Regeneration is clearly a natural process that is essential for our body.

What's wonderful is that Wildling minimal shoes can help our bodies regenerate, maintain (or regain) the joy of natural movement and connect with the world around us. To achieve this goal, we are breaking new ground in regenerative business management, embracing collaboration to break down and reimagine old systems. Fair production conditions, sustainable and innovative materials, renaturation projects and New Work are the basis for regenerative work at all levels for us.

A herd of horses gallops through a grass and bush landscape interspersed with boulders.

Image: Bogdan Boev | Rewilding Europe

But it is not only our body that needs regeneration, our mind also needs rest and time out to be able to perform at its best again. In an increasingly fast-paced and hectic world, it is important to take intentional breaks to ensure sufficient rest and relaxation.

If we are exposed to stress over a prolonged period of time, our body becomes unable to completely break down the stress hormones. The result: we are constantly switched on, feel pressured, sleep poorly and feel a noticeable tension. This is caused by an increased resting heart rate and blood pressure. Ergo: we can no longer fully relax and regenerate. But like nature, our body functions like a cycle. Relaxation and stress are intrinsically linked. Relaxation lowers the stress level and thus ensures a strong immune system. Taking breaks consequently supports our mental and physical health.

Soothing sounds for more wellness

Researchers at the University of Vienna have found that soothing sounds have a proven relaxing effect and that the targeted use of music can help in the treatment of depression or stress disorders. Wow! 

A study from 2015 came to a similar conclusion: music has a positive influence on our hormone system by reducing the stress hormone cortisol and ensuring a sense of well-being. Given these insights, the sound creation Re:generative Sounds can offer us a few healing moments in our everyday lives.

Re:generative Sounds directly from the Bulgarian Rhodope Mountains

Where Europe and Asia meet, lie the Bulgarian Rhodope Mountains.This region was the focus of the partnership between Wildling and the environmental organization Rewilding Europe until the end of 2022, a renaturation initiative with a holistic approach, consisting of nature conservation, ecological-social management and education.

Aerial view of a valley between mountains densely covered with strong green trees.

Image: Staffan Widstrand | Rewilding Europe

In the Bulgarian Rhodope Mountains we are greeted by a fascinating landscape: deep gorges, thundering water, lush green mountainsides and wild forests. Many animal species feel at home in this abundant nature.

The profusion of sounds and images from the regenerating plant and animal world of the Bulgarian Rhodope Mountains invites us to take time for our own moments of regeneration. This inspired the Wildling team to create Re:generative Sounds, a small virtual treasure trove for all those who seek regenerative moments in everyday life.

There are roughly 300 bird species alone, including the rare golden eagle and peregrine falcon. Bison, deer and wild horses graze on the grasslands. With Re:generative Sounds, we bring this natural spectacle into your home.

Let's pause a moment together and immerse ourselves in the sounds of the Rhodope Mountains. After all, what could be more essential than your own health?

Cover image: Staffan Widstrand | Rewilding Europe