"Felty" Insole

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This insole is made of thick wool felt from Austrian mountain sheep. It insulates the foot and keeps it beautifully warm.

Wool has a natural temperature-regulating effect, it absorbs moisture but does not absorb odors*.

The underside is coated with natural latex to prevent slipping. Since this is an all-natural product manufactured by hand, the appearance of the latex layer ranges from transparent to a yellowish speckled color.

If you want to wear thick socks and the Felty insole to keep you warm in winter, we recommend choosing your shoe one size larger. Over time, frequent wearing makes the insole a little thinner and it adapts to the foot.

* We recommend taking the insoles out of the shoes every day for airing to avoid moisture build-up.

wool felt (100% pure new wool)

approx. 0.2 - 0.28 IN


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