Wildling Shoes x Rewilding Europe

Re:generate biodiversity.

Regeneration – that’s the idea that unites Wildling Shoes and Rewilding Europe. 

Wildling minimal shoes can help our bodies regenerate, help us maintain the joy of natural movement, and connect us with the world around us. In pursuing this goal, Wildling Shoes is blazing new trails in the direction of regenerative corporate governance, and focusing on collaboration as a means to dismantle old systems and reimagine them. Fair manufacturing conditions, sustainable and innovative materials, renaturation projects, and New Work are the foundation for working regeneratively at all levels.

Rewilding Europe is committed to the renaturation of various landscapes in Europe, restoring biodiversity to these areas, and exploring new ways for people to earn a fair living in harmony with the wilderness.

Together, we want to reactivate what is natural and create space for resilience.

That’s why Wildling Shoes has been supporting Rewilding Europe through its membership of 1 % for the Planet since the beginning of 2021, to pave the way for natural, diverse habitats and in so doing, contribute to the regeneration of ecosystems and cultural landscapes.

  • “We can do this.”

    The partnership between Rewilding Europe and Wildling Shoes is centered on the shared mission of restoring natural ecosystems.

    In the Rhodopes
  • Freedom and a connection with nature

    No living creature is an island. A healthy ecosystem thrives on a well balanced interplay among all of its parts. This includes us humans as well.

    Regenerative impact
  • Reactivating natural processes

    Images from the Bulgarian Rhodope Mountains and voices from the local Rewilding Europe team – the Wildling Shoes x Rewilding Europe playlist on YouTube.


The wilderness needs all of us

As a producing company we take from nature – Rewilding Europe is one of our ways of giving back. Together we contribute to the regeneration of our valuable biodiversity, because a part of our revenue goes directly to the project in the Rhodopes, Bulgaria.

The road to wilder Rhodope Mountains

The Rhodope Mountains are located at the convergence between Europe and Asia. This is the region where the partnership between Rewilding Europe and Wildling Shoes is focusing its initial efforts, using a holistic approach: The joint project aims to promote nature conservation together with environmental-social commerce and education. All of these areas need to be brought into harmony with each other.

Rewilding Europe and Wildling Shoes are working to provide space for complex natural processes that help to shape landscapes and ecosystems. These include natural grazing, intact food chains and predator-prey relationships, the role of scavengers, weather conditions, and myriad other factors.

Another major goal: transforming the problems posed by progressive, large-scale rural depopulation into opportunities. Eco-social business models and soft tourism can generate opportunities for people to live comfortably in the region, in harmony with its flora and fauna, while preserving regional culture and tradition.

  • A diverse habitat

    Amidst rich and varied vegetation, the Rhodope Mountains are home to no less than 4,329 species of animals from 410 animal families.
  • The return of the keystone species

    Both the bison and the griffon vulture were long thought to be virtually extinct in the wild – now they are returning.
  • Inspired by Rewilding

    We have a shoe inspired by the Rhodope Mountains to look forward to this coming autumn, as well as wool from a new project in Portugal – and the ideas just keep on flowing.

The return of wildlife in the Rhodope Mountains

The wilderness – a role model: Wildling Shoes and regeneration

Wildling Shoes is part of the 1% for the Planet initiative and within this framework supports the non-profit organization Rewilding Europe. 1% for the Planet matches donors with high-impact nonprofit partners and verifies donations.

The partnership is one of many steps on the way to climate-positive solutions for ecological and social issues of the future. Wildling Shoes views itself as a pilot project for regenerative corporate governance. The Wildling Shoes approach focuses on addressing change from multiple angles in order to redesign the system as a whole.

  • Strong together

    Wildling Shoes is part of the “1% for the Planet” initiative and regularly donates one percent of its annual sales to environmental organizations.

    1% for the Planet
  • Why we have a Purpose

    While the product was our primary focus in the early days, nowadays we speak of purpose, our Purpose: We ask ourselves what it’s all for.

    Thoughts by Anna Yona
  • Creating real change

    Wildling Shoes invests in circular solutions, renewable energy, and renaturation to cultivate a regenerative, circular system of value creation.

    Reducing emissions

Photo credits:
Vultures in Madzharovo, Eastern Rhodopes ©️ Staffan Widstrand/Rewilding Europe
Rainbow over a pasture landscape in Studen Kladenets Nature Reserve, Eastern Rhodopes ©️ Staffan Widstrand/Rewilding Europe
Wild orchid in Bela Reka, Eastern Rhodopes ©️ Staffan Widstrand/Rewilding Europe
Griffon vulture in the Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria ©️ Bogdan Boev/Rewilding Europe
Sheep and goat in Dolni Glavanak, Eastern Rhodope Mountains ©️ Staffan Widstrand/Rewilding Europe