Our goals.

Time for a new Re:generation.

We believe in the power of regeneration. To achieve it, we first need to scrutinize ourselves and the status quo, to dare to do something new, and to dismantle established structures. This calls for a world in which we think, act, and behave like activists. One in which we blaze new trails alongside other visionaries and reformers. One in which we experiment – failing, learning, and constantly evolving along the way.

We aim to dismantle conventional thought patterns using diversity-based perspectives and emphatic and respectful interaction and cooperation. And to do it together. All with the goal of driving genuine change – and all as part of the Re:generation.

“From our perspective, we are still at the very beginning of our journey to becoming a regenerative company. This beginning is primarily shaped by taking up a stance. What are our major goals?“ – Anna Yona

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  • Regenerative sustainability.

    Regenerative sustainability.

    Now more than ever before, sustainability needs regeneration. This calls for business models that generate real added value for the environment and for society.

  • Diversity & belonging.

    Diversity & belonging.

    We celebrate diversity and personal strengths – those are the qualities that meet our beauty standards. They are a prerequisite for any functioning system.

  • New Work.

    New Work.

    For us, regenerative management means mutual respect and a flexible way of working that adapts to life – not the other way around.

  • Radical collaboration.

    Radical collaboration.

    To build a reimagined world, we focus on openness, a willingness to learn from each other, and mutual respect.

Approaching sustainability from all sides.

We want to translate the regenerative impact of our shoes to our well-being and to the entire way we do business. To achieve this, we focus on partnership-based production, innovative materials from regenerative cultivation, and supporting renaturation projects – this is our way of making a positive impact on all levels, step by step.

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Diversity and belonging.

Wildling Shoes is a network for empowerment, individuality, and diversity – because acting regeneratively is never solely about nature, it’s always about people, too. Within this network, we interact with each other in a spirit of empathy, respect, and openness. By doing so, we all co-create an expanding space of inclusion, feminism, gender neutrality, and anti-racism – offering answers that go beyond convention, along with a constant readiness to (re)learn.

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A new way of living and working.

We embrace a respectful corporate culture that fosters the individual strengths of each of our employees and thrives on different perspectives. We learn together from our mistakes, we’re united by a common vision of a new way of doing business; and we do it largely remotely and with personalized work arrangements. After all, work should be incorporated into our lives, as opposed to dictating them. As a result, we’ve been shaping the still much discussed field of “New Work” from the very beginning. This approach has also been honored with awards like the German Founders Award.

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Shaping the future together.

Creating the kind of future we want will only be possible if we work together. That’s why we’re committed to radical collaboration – both inside and outside our company. Shared knowledge, interaction as equals, long-term partnerships with like-minded people, shared experiences, and learning from each other are what move us forward!

  • B Corp – Certified for a better future.

    B Corp – Certified for a better future.

    Together with other companies, we have made it our mission to fulfill high standards for ecological and social business practices and transparency.

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  • Blazing new trails together.

    Blazing new trails together.

    We believe in long-term partnerships with like-minded social businesses, artists, and fellow trail blazers who share our vision.

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How it all began.

From minimal shoe to Re:generation.

We started off as a team of two – Anna and Ran. And an idea inspired by the three children for whom they wanted to provide the most natural and unrestricted movement available. In Tel Aviv, where the family lived for many years, the children spent most of their time barefoot.

When they returned to Germany, the approach of winter meant that going barefoot was not exactly a viable option anymore. When Anna and Ran were unable to find the right kind of shoes for their children, they decided to just create the perfect pair themselves.

As a sports therapist, trainer, and avid barefoot runner, Ran provided the necessary expertise in all things related to natural movement, and this would prove to be instrumental to the design of the Wildling shoes. Anna has always been motivated by achieving radical change. As a child, she wanted to become a Greenpeace activist, a journalist, or a ranger.

By founding Wildling Shoes, she has made this vision come true in her own way: Because Wildling shoes, with their ultrathin .06–.13 IN soles, conform to the shape of the foot, and are also handcrafted in Europe. What’s more, these minimal shoes are produced in compliance with fair working conditions, using ecological natural materials.

Ever since Wildling Shoes was founded in 2015, our Community of co-workers, customers, and activist networkers has continued to grow, along with our vision of creating a new way of living and doing business together – as the Re:generation.

Our purpose
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  • Openness and solidarity.

    Openness and solidarity.

    We approach each other empathetically, celebrate individuality, and share our knowledge. We empower each other and embrace radical collaboration.

  • Curiosity and change.

    Curiosity and change.

    We seek out new paths because we acknowledge our responsibility and we understand that change is necessary. As a result, we are constantly evolving.

  • Courage and determination.

    Courage and determination.

    We set audacious goals and have a concrete plan for achieving them. Being actively engaged is part of our culture.

Shall we move forward together?

In the Wildling Shoes Newsletter we talk even more about the background of Wildling Shoes as a company – and reveal whenever there is something new to discover in the store.