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The soft and supple Hawk Moth has a mid-height shaft that makes it a pleasure to wear. The combination of materials featuring 40% pure new wool (Merino) makes this sock an all-rounder for every season. It’s breathable, dries in a flash, and has temperature-regulating properties.  

Hawk Moth is a sock that conforms to the foot’s natural shape. The anterior section of the sock is also straight, giving the toes plenty of wiggle room. The fine seam, located at the toes for production reasons, is embedded in soft plush.

The red dot located at the heel will help you recognize when the sock has gotten too small. Once it’s not in its proper place, it’s time for the next size up. 

Hawk Moth is available in sizes Kids 5–6.5 to W 14–16 | M 13–15

The sock was developed by the research team Children’s Feet-Children’s Shoes from plus12socks and is produced in Austria, which is also where it was designed.

40% pure new wool (Merino), 40% polypropylene, 18% polyamide, 2% elastane

Care instructions:
Wash inside out with wool detergent using the machine’s wool setting.
We recommend using a laundry net, gently stretching the socks into shape after washing, and laying them flat to dry.
Do not tumble dry; do not iron; do not bleach; do not dry clean.


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