Detail view of the back of the minimal shoe Renette from diagonal above. You can see light blue and dark blue fabric elements and a light-dark plaid heel loop.

Renette: patchwork meets the future

Old and new, hemp and cotton, simple, yet a bit whimsical – Renette harmoniously weaves differing components to create a greater whole. As such, this model rightfully holds the honor of serving as a prelude to the new Wildling Shoes models for the ’22 autumn/winter season. After all, what could more fittingly epitomize the collection’s theme of “Re:connect” than Renette’s patchwork, which literally creates connections?


Detail view of the back of the minimal shoe Renette from the side. You can see light blue and dark blue fabric elements and the embroidered word

Image: Nora Tabel | Wildling Shoes

This vegan mid cut combines several fabrics. In keeping with the “Reuse” motto that is stitched on the right shoe of every pair, Renette gives a second lease on life to leftover materials from the Panther and Pegasus models of earlier collections. And the same applies to the new heel loop – we’ve simply reused material that was already there in the shoe.

In its patchwork design, traditional craftspersonship meets present-day concerns for the future. Driven by the need to avoid wasting fabric, the technique has been practiced for centuries, allowing every last bit of fabric to be utilized. It’s an idea that we can apply today to move us one step closer to our vision of a continuous product life cycle. Renette also drew inspiration from the craftivism movement, which leverages craftspersonship to make activist statements.

In the foreground there are two hands holding a Renette shoe rolled up like a sushi roll. In the background is the upper body of the person holding the shoe. The person is wearing a sweater with block stripes in yellow, orange and purple from the brand Manitober.

Image: Nora Tabel | Wildling Shoes; In the foreground Renette, in the background a sweater from Manitober, a sustainable label with gender-neutral apparel for children and adults. 

Because “Re:connect” goes beyond connecting things that are similar; Renette also wears a brand new fabric in its patchwork of materials: the denim from VirgoCoop, made from 60 percent cotton and 40 percent hemp. In this respect, too, Renette is a trailblazer. In the future, our new partnership with VirgoCoop promises to yield a host of new models featuring hemp fabrics. After all, when it comes to both its material properties and its ecological compatibility, hemp is virtually unsurpassed.

VirgoCoop is a French cooperative that aims to promote the formation of ecologically and socially responsible projects. Their work is centered on reviving the organic and fair trade production of textiles made from hemp. We can interpret the hemp textile content in the Renette model as the dawn of a wonderful friendship from which much more can emerge.

A person is standing on a large rectangular stone. In the picture frame are her legs and feet. They are wearing black trousers and blue and black Wildling patchwork model Renette.

Image: Nora Tabel | Wildling Shoes

Renette is a faithful companion through the seasonal transitions. Its cozy flannel lining keeps us feeling snug and comfy; but thanks to its thin lining – in lieu of padding – it stays airy enough to carry us nimbly through autumn. And remember, the next spring season is always on its way.

Cover image: Nora Tabel | Wildling Shoes