The evolution of Wildling Shoes

The evolution of Wildling Shoes

When Anna and Ran founded Wildling Shoes, they had a grand vision: to design really good shoes. The very first Wildling shoes were created for children. But the interest in shoes that are good for people’s feet and that allow for people to walk as if they were barefoot didn’t stop at kids sizes. It was from this point that the idea behind Wildling Shoes first began to evolve, and since then, much has happened. Now we not only produce minimal shoes for adults and toddlers, but we also have a vision of what we would like to achieve together in the future. What began as a modest start-up has grown into a full-fledged company with a clearly defined purpose.

Our purpose: regeneration

“Purpose” denotes aim, goal, or destiny, and when applied to businesses, it signifies that those who subscribe to this word are seeking to contribute to a more equitable world. It’s the main driver behind everything that happens at Wildling Shoes.

We want to take responsibility and champion solutions to the elemental challenges of our time – climate change and social injustice – which are intricately intertwined. Inspired by the principles of nature, we want to translate the regenerative impact of our shoes to our own company and the way we do business. We don’t merely want to minimize damage, but to have a positive impact with every step we take.

We want to blaze new trails by building bridges that are grounded in appreciation, empathy, and solidarity. And to do so together – because we are the re:generation. We are all part of a generation that must now forge ahead to show that business can work like a healthy ecosystem – balanced, inclusive, diverse, and regenerative at every level.

A fox for all eternity

Making this progression visible is something we consider to be important. That’s why we have also created a new logo. A bold move, but one that is perfectly aligned with the vision of Wildling Shoes, and one that reflects the process of learning and unlearning that inevitably flows from our purpose.

The new logo endows Wildling Shoes with its own kind of infinity symbol – without beginning, without end, and with an inexhaustible flow of energy. As such, it not only represents Wildling Shoes’ long-term approach to business, it is also designed to represent the company’s progression towards becoming a purpose-driven company.
The fox has grown into their new responsibility, so to speak, and into the grander mission. They have lifted their mask to be able to look us straight in the eye on this journey together.

A change for greater clarity

In order to focus on the essentials, we are eliminating distractions. After all, the characteristics that define a Wildling shoe remain unvaried. New size designations provide even greater clarity for selecting the right model. Wildling shoes are no longer divided into Cubs, Wildling, and Rewild, but instead according to their size: Kids 3 to Kids 6 for toddlers, Kids 7 to W 4.5 | M 3.5 for children, and W 5 | M 4 to W 14 | M 13.5 for adultsTo avoid confusion, a particular shoe model will have the same name regardless of size. So for example, Akita (which used to be the toddler version of North Wolf) will also be called North Wolf.

These changes, which are now visible, are the very first milestones on an exciting journey. We’ve set some ambitious goals for ourselves and are eagerly anticipating every step to come, including the launch of the new Wildling Shoes online shop and the next newsletter. Some of the changes will require a little more time, so it’s quite likely that an email or two clad in the old look might still be floating around in the ether. As for the shoes, the new logo won’t be featured until the Spring/Summer 2022 collection gets underway, and the boxes will be redesigned over time in the interest of sustainability. After all, we want to avoid wasting resources by making use of what we already have.

Growing together

Growing together, being part of an evolution, a progression, with the knowledge of just how much we can achieve collectively, is an incredibly gratifying experience. In return, we are more than willing to deal with the odd growing pain along the way. Evolution can be a little uncomfortable and unfamiliar at first. But even if Wildling Shoes and the fox look a little different now, behind them stand the same idealists and visionaries who define them: every single one of us.

animation of the old and new wildling shoes logos