• Meet the Essentials

    Timeless design for our foot health. Wildling Essentials are available throughout the year.

  • Water repellent minimal shoes

    Being outdoors in any season: with the right models you can go on any adventure!

  • Tanuki: Japanese Paper Shoe

    When Japanese tradition meets Portuguese craftsmanship

What Wildling minimal shoes do for us

Freedom of movement

Anatomical shape

Natural walking

Strong muscles

  • Making connections

    The Perto model is made to warm our feet through the winter. It tells of people and ecosystems, of connections and closeness.

  • Cuddling up

    Being a low cut slipper Nelus would love to bring even more winter coziness to our feet.

  • What we love about minimal shoes

    They strengthen the musculoskeletal system, improve your posture in the long term, and often they can even ease pain. Here is why we love them …

    10 reasons

Welcome, new sole version!

After many discarded designs, we finally got around to it: It's here, the new sole version for particularly rough weather conditions, now making its first appearance with Tann Resouled.

But why was the development of the new sole shape so tricky? And how did it work out after all?