• New beginnings

    The days are getting longer. New wildlings are pawing the ground, ready for wild adventures

  • Regenerative

    Wildlings want to join us on wild adventures, many of them vegan and free from animal materials.

  • Tanuki

    Japanese tradition crafted into a shoe. A foxy mischief: Stepping into a Tanuki brings a world of magic into our feet.

What Wildling minimal shoes do for us

Freedom of movement

Anatomical shape

Natural walking

Strong muscles

  • Cotonea Cotton

    High-quality Cotton fabrics are durable and abrasion-resistant. The Cotonea brand is committed to organic farming, fair trade and a transparent supply chain.

  • Consistency

    Always there for us: Wildling Essentials accompany us all year round.

  • The right size

    Every foot is unique. The Wildling Size Finder helps us to find the right shoe size.

    Size Finder

Let's have a break

Birds twittering, hooves clattering, water lapping - this is the sound of nature in the Bulgarian Rhodope Mountains. And with this sound, we can give ourselves a break from the stress of everyday life and allow ourselves to benefit from their regenerative energy.