Two people up to about the waist. They stand on a narrow path between bushes, wearing colored skirts and Wildling barefoot shoes.

Heading into summer as light as a feather – with the Wildling Shoes sandal

With summer just around the corner, Wildling Shoes is not only ushering in the new sandal season, we’re also introducing a whole new generation of light and breezy “Feathers.” After all, their minimal shoe construction has undergone quite a few changes since the launch of the first Wildling Shoes sandals.

What is and remains so special about Wildling Shoes sandals is that – unlike flip-flops, for instance – they can also be worn when you’re doing more athletic activities, like running and jumping – all thanks to the windlass mechanism.

On top of each other several prototypes of Wildling minimal shoe sandals on a floor of wooden planks.

Image: Wildling Shoes


Here’s what’s different:

What has emerged is a sandal construction that pays tribute to the name “Feather”: Because we’ve minimized any pressure points, the sandal now fits even more comfortably and snugly to the foot - in fact, you barely even feel it. The higher set closure ensures improved support without ever constricting your foot. What’s more, your toes will also enjoy more wiggle room. The slant of the material around the heel has been modified as well, allowing the sandal to nestle around your foot even more comfortably. And last but not least: Even the Velcro closure has been updated to accommodate the new sandal shape.

The image shows adjustments to the pattern with drawings in two opposing black Wildling sandals. These are also shown again on the foot on a motif above using a foot model.

Image: Wildling Shoes

Here’s what has stayed the same: A sandal made from a single piece of microfiber

It’s been a minute since “Owl,” and “Lynx” the first Wildling Shoes sandals, came out. They were a start – but still not up to our aspirations. And so began the process of gradually improving the Wildling Shoes sandal. Wildling Shoes founder Ran racked his brain right alongside the Product team: How can you start with the Wildling Shoes outsole and as little material as possible and still produce a shoe that is sturdy yet flexible – and attractive to boot?

After many hours, days, weeks, and never-ending months, the idea arose: Wildling Shoes sandals have to be made from a single piece. That way, we could use as much material as necessary and as little as possible – and guarantee sufficient stability and durability in combination with the unique Wildling Shoes outsole. To be clear, the idea still proved to be fiddly and nerve-wracking. But it worked! Since the initial launch of the “Feathers,” the sandal has consisted of just a single piece of microfiber – a lightweight material that is easy to work with – in addition to the sole. And it’s a sound workaround until a truly sustainable leather alternative for footwear can be found.

Float through the summer as light as a feather

If you feel like floating through the summer while enjoying a truly natural walking experience, check out the sleek and supple “Feathers” sandal models in the shop.

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