Colorful Elastic Laces

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Elastic laces ensure a great fit and mean you can be quick when putting on your shoes.
Be free to personalise your shoes to suit your taste.

The length can be adjusted if necessary. After cutting to size, seal the ends by holding them briefly in a flame.

The laces come in pair with a set of 2 stoppers and 2 end clips to hold the ends in place. You can choose between black and white.
Alternatively you can put the elastic laces in the other way round, and knot the ends without using the clips.

A video tutorial on how to attach and open the end clips can be found in our FAQ.

Available in the following colors:
Nut, Mouse, Olive, Taupe, Indigo, Gentian, Turquoise, Ochre, Ivory, Ruby, Salmon, Bordeaux, Brick, Black, White

rubber and polyester

0.12 IN

approx. 31.5 IN or 59.1 IN

Made in:

Length recommendation (can vary depending on foot shape and lacing):

Low Cut + Mid Cut:
31.5 IN - up to W 5 | M 4
59.1 IN - from W 5.5 | M 4.5 to W 14 | M 13

High Cut:
31.5 IN - up to Kids 10.5
59.1 IN - from Kids 11 to W 10 | M 9


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