Wildling Journey


Anna, Ran, and their three kids are the starting point and the inspiration for Wildling’s exciting journey.

“We lived in Israel for 12 years and our children were born there. In their early years, they always ran around barefoot, and we were always impressed by the way they moved with such agility, confidence, and power. In 2013, we moved back to Germany. In autumn, we had to buy shoes for the first time, but — even among the most expensive children’s shoes — we couldn't find a pair that would allow our children to continue to walk naturally, or that they wanted to put on their feet, which were so used to freedom. There seemed to be something fundamentally wrong with standard children's shoes. A look at the statistics confirmed our fears — 98% of all children are born with healthy feet, but only a few adult feet are still completely healthy.”

As a sports therapist, trainer, and passionate barefoot runner, Ran had always been a fanatic when it came to natural movement and the underlying biomechanicals. Anna loves the challenge of turning new ideas into reality and communicating the message behind Wildling Shoes in a way that conveys their own unique identity.

two people juggling shoes
two people juggling shoes


“Together with last makers, shoe designers, and modelers, we developed a shoe that embodies an entirely new concept, from the materials to the sole to the fit. Unlike traditional approaches, which start from the premise that feet need to be held, supported, and guided, we’re convinced that feet are healthy by nature and simply need to be allowed to develop and grow strong. That’s why our shoes interfere with the foot as little as possible — like a second skin — protecting feet from injury and weather without impacting them and their natural functions in any other way.”

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