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The stars shine bright in the crystal-clear night sky. High up in the heavens, a nebula glistens with innumerable colors, shapes and celestial bodies. The little wildling gazes with longing at the sky, dreaming of all the adventures to be found up there.

This low-cut shoe is an airy hybrid that combines an anatomically shaped knitted body with the classic Wildling design.

The unique fit of this ultimate minimal shoe is achieved using only three sections, put together using only a few simple stitches.
This allows the Nebula to embrace the foot like a second skin. With its minimal weight of only 1.75 to 3.5 ounces you’ll hardly notice that it's there.

Thanks to a special knitting technique, only the inside - made of IVN Best-certified and climate-regulating Merino wool - comes into contact with your feet. The outside consists of abrasion-resistant polyester. The material used provides excellent breathability, and, together with the gap in the Wildling sole, allows air to circulate around the foot. So Nebulas are perfect for indoor and outdoor sports, able to keep up with little adventurers move for move.

For additional comfort, Nebula has a removable insole that facilitates airing and drying, not to mention microfibre padding at the heel.

If your little wildling has a taste for more color, you can swap the flat Tencel laces for other laces, available separately.

Please note:
This low cut is water-permeable. When airing and drying, we recommend removing the insole.

*Ethylene-vinyl acetate–orthopaedic closed-cell foam, tested for harmful substances and free from plasticizers

knitted Merino mix (55% polyester, 31% pure new wool IVN Best, 7% polyamide, 7% elasthan) – gray

Washi (75 % paper, 25 % polyester)

Removable insole:
Lunatur (80 % EVA, 20 % walnut shells)

synthetic rubber with approx. 50% recycled content, cork – off-white

This minimal shoe is water-permeable. You therefore don't need to treat it with waterproofing spray.

Dirty shoes are best brushed carefully when dry or can be washed gently by hand in cold water.

Not suitable for machine washing.

The insole is also washable and should be removed for drying. It protects wild paws and the inside of the shoe from wear and tear.

If your little Wildling likes to drive ride-on toys, we recommend additional protection against scuffing.

This shoe fits like a second skin, without squeezing too tight.

If you are between sizes, werecommend choosing the next-smallest one, remembering to factor in room for growth in children's shoes.


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