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When we discover the first of these little furry wonders, we know: Now summer is here. We harken to their delicate buzz and marvel at their flight. The plants in our garden patiently offer their nectar, a gift the bees accept with gratitude and pride.

The honey-yellow Feather Api not only brings a cheerful mood to our feet, this sandal is also an ambassador for a small but lovely Wildling passion project. Last year we were able to buy seeds for a six-hectare flowering meadow in support of the sustainability efforts of the Demeter Peetzig farmstead. Together with Bienenbotschaft, we set up a ® natural habeetat *tree there. This species-appropriate bee dwelling is cared for by an experienced beekeeper, and naturally, the bees living there are allowed to keep their honey. We’re already looking forward to a cheerfully buzzing sea of blooms.

Feather Api is designed to meet the needs of little beginning walkers. It’s lightweight and airy, and the closed toe area provides ample protection on all those summer adventures.

This Wildling sandal with its microfiber upper hugs the foot without crowding it. Its fit and improved cut prevent feet from slipping out, even during the most adventurous moves.

With its flexible micro-velcro closure, the sandal can be easily adjusted to accommodate different foot shapes.

As the fabric is at a bare minimum, the sandal sits very close to the foot and doesn't need as much space in the front as you’d normally expect with a Wildling shoe.
Please follow the fitting guidelines for finding your size, as the correct sandal size will differ from your normal Wildling size!

microfiber (50% polyamide, 50% polyurethane) – honey yellow

80% synthetic rubber from 50% recycled material, 20% cork – smørrebrød

Further information:
does not contain materials of animal origin, sandal

If the shoes get soiled, it’s best to brush them clean gently when they’re dry or to wipe them down carefully with a damp cloth.

Not machine washable.

We recommend choosing the size WITHOUT growth zone.


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